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2010 Hotspring Vista for sale, $4,000 want gone

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My wife and I just purchased our first house which came with a 2010 Hotsprings Vista hot tub that we want to sell. Have a folder on the paper work from original purchaser which is what I am basing my information off of. I know nothing about hot tubes aside from that we want it gone. It shows a sales slip for $15,286.95...I assume thats not including the t.v. and JBL sound stuff hooked up. We were told we should be able to get $5,000 out of it. First person with $4,000 trailers it home. Its currently hooked up and can be seen it our backyard, but upon purchase we have have made arrangements to bring it to the front yard and can load on your trailer. We will be posting on our local facebook marketplace soon but I figured an actual spa forum may yield better results. If anyone here can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Kyle. Pictures on anything can be sent via text message as I use chromebook and cant save files on it. I am located in the most Southeast tip of Minnesota usually referred to as La Crosse, Wi.

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