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is 325 calcium hardness high?

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My taylor test kit came today, and I finally was able to test for CH. I had been testing the water for cH periodically at my local pool/spa store, and they kept telling me calcium was low (less than 125), so I attempted to get it closer to 200 to balance the water, based on pool calculator calculations.

I kept adding more calcium based on these repeated low cH tests, but never felt like i had a good handle on what it actually was. I was shocked to find that it was 325 based on the taylor testing, which I trust to be more accurate than the pool store. Yet, when i plugged the numbers into the pool calculator (with a PH of 7.6 and 60ppm ALK) I was equally shocked to see the CSI was exactly zero! 

Is the high CH anything I need to worry about? or should i just accept the balanced water and keep an eye on it? 

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