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Citric acid is used to remove staining from pool at a rate of about 1 lb. per 10k gallons. Green pool is  usually from algae and chlorine is what you would use, not citric acid. . Citric acid will also destroy any chlorine in your pool and make it very hard to maintain a chlorine level untill all the citric acid is oxidized. Citric acid will also drop your pH and TA.  Can't really help you without more info.  Full set of test results (not done with strips), pool surface (plaster, fiberglass, vinyl), etc.

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Good info.  This is my situation.  I used about 4 lbs. of citric acid in a 20k salt pool.  It took the stains out but now I can maintain chlorine.  One question.  How long does it usually take for citric acid to be eliminated from pool water. All my level are good except chlorine. Also my pool is cloudy.


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Great site!!! I’ve posted it on some pool forums I’m on.


Question, in the past I’ve gotten vitamin C/abscobic acid and it removes metal stands for my steps and parts of the liner. It works great, now that vitamin C powder has tripled in price and I see citric acid powder for super low prices. Will this do the exact same thing? And does it work as good as the vitamin C?

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