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SwimSpa Slab issues

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Good morning,

I am having a swim spa delivered in a few weeks and have ran into an issue.

The contractor I hired to pour the concrete slab did an awful job with it and I have an uneven part of the slab that ridges at almost an inch above the rest. Tried grinding is down and also filling some of the surrounding low spots with 3000psi concrete to make it level but there's still about 3/4 of an inch ridge.

Here are the options that I am considering (some are from this forum) and would really appreciate your help in the issue:

1. Frame 2x4 and fill with pea gravel

2. Frame and pour thinset at 1.5-2 inch thickness

3. Cut the 8x16 concrete that the swimspa is and repour it

Taking into consideration that the swimspa will weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 21000 lbs and the existing uneven slab is 4 inches what would you guys recommend.




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