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No heat when jets on high

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I have a freeflow tlx with Balboa 54115 Board set to run on 110v. I got it used and not working. I think the guy i got it from got it broken from someone else and couldn't fix it.

This is my first experience with a spa.

After consulting the wiring diagram, correcting some reversed wires and calibrating the pressure switch, all seems normal. The real problem was poor job of replacing the onboard fuse leading to intermittent board function which i repaired.


In a state were its below temperature set point: when I switch the pump to high speed, it stops calling for heat. Returning to low speed, it  calls for heats again. Is this normal?


1. The higher flow rate may be faulting the pressure sensor.

2. Something else is wired wrong. (I found several incorrectly wired connectons to the control board. Its almost like this guy was just trying everything or someone sabatoged it.)

3. Some circuit is fried on the boad because of the situation noted in number 2.

4. Its normal operation for this contoller to cut the heat in high jet mode.


Thanks in advance for any advice.



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I think that 110v doesn't typically heat when the jets are on, or why would anyone hook up more power? The overview of mine says that the heater indicator flashes on its display when there is a request for more heat but the heater has not yet started. Basically it always flashes when the jets are on because there is not enough power to run the heater during that time (I suppose, since it doesn't say that it can't happen either, probably because it wouldn't be delayed indefinitely with more power).

I can't say for sure about all of them, but would add that it isn't the only way to have both working at the same time, in essence. I've been pouring a few gallons of boiling water into mine to make it a few degrees hotter than it would get with more power hooked up to begin with (so in a way it's pathetic to use high power to maintain a relatively low temp of 104 degrees, compared to what hot tubs used to be). It doesn't maintain that temp indefinitely, but still gives me a better experience for using more power to heat a stovetop from time to time (since transferring water from that will bring my tub up to 108 degrees with the jets on, or less hot water could be added to bump it back up to 104 manually as such, it's pretty similar to a natural hot spring where boiling water trickles in, yet would be more regulated since I control how much of it does so, and am not sitting in there when it's flowing at a scalding temp).

Anyway, as far as this simple minded opinion goes, I don't care if my spa heats while the jets are on, because I like it hotter than they allow spa heaters to work nowdays (and I think it's healthier if I don't solve that problem to the point where it's always hotter necessarily, because I researched the health aspects as well, and other people use it who could be more prone to overheating than I am). It's good that you were able to get it working too. Sounds like that's hooked up about right to me, if it's working, obviously... there are guides online for what the voltages should be on each wire, as you may well know (for troubleshooting the basic hookup, usually to do with a subpanel though).

I'm mentioning the Gilligan's Island style heat your tub with volcano water concept also, because it was something I didn't consider when looking at hot tubs initially, besides their power options. Not that it's especially sophisticated but I think it's effective at least (and exchanges some fresh water in there more often, which could be healthier also). Okay so enough about that, this is like the third topic, because there was more than one reason I could think of for going about it retroactively (like I just discovered fire myself).


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