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Looking for help with hot tub heater troubleshooting

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Digital spa controls: Brett Aqualine (Brett line BL-70)
Board: PWA 34-5007

This tub has not been run in a while after the motor went down. I have a new motor and pump and a new heater element in. It is back up and running now, but not heating. I am not getting any errors, but the there are some troubleshooting lights on. The element is new and seems to have the right resistance. I am not much of an electrician though. If I pull a wire off the pressure switch, I get a flow error. If I pull the wires and cross them before it starts, I don't get an error like I think the troubleshooting guide says I should. A shorted flow switch. I have plenty of flow by the way and a new filter.

I am using the troubleshooting guide here:


I have a hi limit relay light on, the heater light on, the filter light on, and the ozone, but the ozone is not installed. It is not clear to me which of these lights is supposed to be on and which are not. I am not getting any high limit errors or flow errors. I have pulled all the connectors and reseated them. I have checked all the fuses and they look good. It is running fine other than the temperature. I can use my mulitmeter with some help, barely. The troubleshooting guide basically says if you don't have an error and you don't get the voltage at the heater terminals and the heater tests out, buy a new board. But if it is the High limit relay, it is not even on the board.  Any thoughts?

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Is your system a 120 or 240 volts ? I had a similar issue with my hot spring grandee hot tub. It had not been used for a couple of years and when we opened it back up and filled it the heater would not heat. Ended up that I had 240V from the main panel, but I was only getting 120v to the hot tub. The problem was at sub panel GFI. From the main to the GFI I had 240V, from the GFI I was only getting 120V to the hot tub. I turn off the Main breaker to the sub panel and sprayed contact cleaner into the sub panel GFI and switched it of and on several times, turned the power back on and had 240 coming from the GFI to the hot tub and heater, started the tub and the heater worked fine, The heater has to have 240V to work. The GFI contacts must have corroded from sitting.

Hope this might help !

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