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Side panel removal on Hot Spot TX?

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I'm new to the hot tub world.  We were just given a Hot Spot model TX that looked to be in very good condition but had not been used for a while.  It was winterized last year, however, and does not appear to have any leaks so far.

After getting it to our place and opening up the side panel to get to the power cord, I found a lot of "mouse house" insulation, etc.  Also, the larger air duct hose (about 3" diameter) seems to have been broken into (and possibly lived in by mice...).   I will need to vacuum it out and either repair or replace that hose.

I cannot see how to get the side panels all off.  They appear to be glued on... could that be correct?  If so, how do I remove them?  Gently pry them a bit at a time with a flat bar, and then screw or re-glue them all back to the wooden frame?

If I cannot remove the sides, to replace this air duct, once I vacuum it out, is it possible to "duck tape it" just to make it work?

Sorry if this all sounds crazy, but I think it's OK, other than this... have not powered it on yet though, due to the insulation parts in the hose, fearing it will plug everything up...

Thanks for any and all input.

Hopefully, this was not all for nothing, getting it here and placed...

2018-07-16 11.07.41.jpg

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Side on a TX are glued in place and a dealer call would be the best course.  If you clean out the duct, you should be able to seal it up with something for a dryer vent hose.  The air from the jet pump can get hot.

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Dear Hotspring, spa official, not everybody that owns a hotspot spa lives anywhere near a technician. Why can’t you post a short video or just explain how to remove the sides or the back panel even if they break and then show how you can acquire new sections when you fix what should’ve never broke in the first place, when he owned something for eight years, I think you should be entitled to have the information that is needed to maintain your own spot without going into debt and having to fly somebody into your area just to look at it thank you  

Randy Sather


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This is a 5 year old thread and HotSpring Official hasn't been on the board for years. It's not going to happen for several reasons, the biggest reason is Watkins Manufacturing sells to dealers only and only provides service info to their dealers. That has been there way since day one. You can only buy a tub or parts from their dealer network. Authorized service is provided by their deal techs.

They are not going to post anything on how to replace parts on youtube. This is part of the research a consumer should have done when buying a Spa. This is why the experts here stress know your dealers reputation. Things do break on a hot tub. It's a severe environment for electronics and plastics. You have corrosive gases generated by the sanitizer which degrade the plastics and rubber and you have a moist environment which can corrode the metals. 

You also have the choice of hiring an independent service tech. Most independent tech have dealer connections for parts.

A hot tub is like a boat. It's a hole in your back yard you pour money into.

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