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Down to 3 - Help me decide

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I am down to the Marquis Euphoria, Hot Springs Grandee, or Caldera Niagra. I am looking for a 7-person tub, reliable company with good reputation, strong therapeutic jets, good shoulder and neck jets. We live in Michigan so I need a tub well insulated to keep cost of use down. My wife really like the foot jets so that would be nice. We are a family of 6 with 10, 12, one 13 year olds. Wet tested all of them but am not coming up with a clear winner. Each of these dealers seems reputable and services the unit themselves. Any help appreciated.


Also, how can I find out what a good price is for all of these different models. I am getting $13,500 for the Euphoria, about the same for the Grandee. I don't have any frame of reference to know what is a good price.



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I currently sell Hot Spring and Caldera and sold Marquis from 2014-2017.    To know if the prices are fair, I would need to know what is included and also which version of the Grandee (NXT or Highlife).

All 3 are good brands.  Hot Spring and Caldera are both made by Watkins.  From an insulation standpoint, all are what is considered full foam.  I believe Hot Spring will be slightly more efficient due to the multiple layers of insulation, but not enough to be a deal breaker.  Both the Hot Spring and Caldera use a circulation pump that runs 24/7 vs the Marquis that uses the dual speed pump 1 on a programmable timer to filter.  The circulation pump is more efficient than a jet pump.

Based on what you are saying, I would lean towards the Niagara.  But, you really need to wet test each and see what feels best for you.  Ideally, do so on the same day so each is fresh in your mind. 

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