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New Hot Tub Purchase - HELP!

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I have been shopping for a hot tub, and I am simply overwhelmed with all of the information, and finding it hard to get information from someone who does not have skin in the game. Everyone has the best hot tub according to them. I am looking for a 7 person tub for a family of 6, I do not want a lounge chair, and prefer a tub with strong jet or therapeutic use, must have good foot jets. Naturally I would like a spa with good reliability. Price is not a huge factor, but I would like a good bang for my buck. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, so I need a tub that is well insulated. In the area I have Master, Bullfrog, Caldera, Hot Springs, Sandance, Nordic, and Marquis. Based on research so far, I like the Marquis Euphoria, but I have not wet-tested any tubs yet. Could I get some input or recommendations for a tub that would fit this description and some reasons why you would recommend? Appreciate any information to help me wade through all the information to help make a decision. Tubs I have been looking at have been running $12K-$13.5K. 


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Of the spas you listed, I personally would remove Master Spas and Nordic from your list.  Nordic makes a fine hot tub and they are a great company to deal with, but they are going to be on the basic, entry-level side and really don't fit in with the others you have listed.  Bullfrog, Caldera, Sundance, Marquis, and Hot Spring are all considered "premium" brands.  

I currently sell Hot Spring and Caldera and previously sold Marquis, so I can advise on those brands.  The Euphoria is a great hot tub made by a great company.  I think it would check off all of your must-haves except for foot jets, which is the only place I believe the hot tub is lacking.  With Caldera, the Niagara and Salina are the two to look at.  The Niagara will be the more premium of the two.  I think it will meet all your criteria however with it having the two captains chairs, I fell you may be a bit crowded with 6 in the hot tub.  The Salina will be a little more on the basic side and not have the premium look of the Niagara, but it is a more open layout.  With Hot Spring, the Pulse and the Grandee would be the two to consider.  The Grandee being the more premium of the two.  It has an open concept design, great therapy, and exceptional build quality.  Like the Euphoria, I feel it is a little lacking in the foot therapy department.  The Pulse, like the Salina, will be a little more basic, but offer open concept, therapy in every seat, and have good foot therapy.

Having sat in the Euphoria and above mentioned Hot Springs and Caldera spas, my order would be Grandee, a tie between the Euphoria and Niagara, Salina, then Pulse.  But, what fits me and what I prefer will likely be different than you and your family.  So, a wet test is a must.

You have a good list of candidates.  Visit the local dealers, dry test the models you think you are interested in and then wet test the finalists (preferably on the same day so you can make an accurate comparison while everything is fresh in your mind).  Research the dealer because they are almost as important as the brand you buy.  

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