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Several issues with a Caldera Spa


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I have a 2004 or 2005 Caldera Aquatic Melodies Elation Spa.
1. I have several jets that have lost parts (the center is gone out of a Euro Pulse jet, some small ball bearings came out of a VersaSsage Jet, etc.  I cannot figure out how to remove the jets to replace or repair them.  The videos I have seen show them being twisted counter-clockwise past the adjustment stop-point, then pull out, but these jets are all counter-sunk into the tub walls and there is no way to get a good grip on them to turn them hard enough.... is there a tool that is specifically for this, or am I going to have to rig up an oil filter wrench or something to do it?

2. There are 2 pumps, Pump #1 has 1 speed, and pump #2 has 2 speeds, pump 1 will turn off and on every now and then... there doesn't seem to be any method to it's behavior, we may use the spa for a week without it ever going off, then it will start doing it every day... it will turn off for about 2 minutes, then run anywhere from 2-20 mintues before turning off again.  Is it perhaps overheating?
Pump #2 makes a noise on high speed, as if it is churning air through it every 2 seconds or so... it seems to pump well, and there is no noticeable change to the pressure when it is "whirring and grinding".

Any assistance on these issues would be appreciated!

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