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Yellow gunk in hot tub after complete flush


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Yes, definitely drain the hot tub after using Ahh-Some (you will see why when you use it!).

However, it is likely you will need to use at least 2 purges of Ahh-Some if you are using it for the first time but providing you wipe the gunk off as you go then use the same water for the second purge. You will see a reduced volume of gunk being produced on second purge (if not try three - some people have said if it is really bad you may need more).

If you submerge the filters (very important or they will collect all the gunk and it will be very difficult to remove) then they will also be cleaned (still flush water through them with the power washer afterwards). The last time I did it I used a scuba diving kit net weighed down with 2 2.5k weights - one both ends of the net to pull the filters completely under the water (very important). Seems like a faff but well worth it. You can tie them together and weigh down (how I did it originally - see above).

Not sure what spa you have but I could easily remove filter housing and sink it (the plastic sank of its own accord) as that part got dunked up the first time I did it and was time consuming to remove. That worked a treat when I removed it.

The people who didn't get on with Ahh-Some mainly seemed to be complaining about the removal of gunk so keep wiping it off during the hour purge (many pieces of rag will be needed, scrape it from the sides, chuck the rag away) then you will be fine. 

Hope that helps. 





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So I used Ahhsome for the first time on newer spa. Basically I left it open too long one day during hi pollen season and the sun melted the chlorine and got the algae going, I was gone the entire next day and opened the tub up around noon the following day to find it very cloudy with a nice set of algae growing. I shocked it for a few days and then just ran ahhsome today for 30 minutes, but I only ran it at 2ppm chlorine because I was planning drain it into the yard since I can't drain to the street or house drain. It cleaned it well, I wish I read this first...of course I was busy working and left it drain unattended, now I'm left with the equivalent of a full hotel of teenager kids wiping their boogers on it all night. using 5% vinegar and a rag is going to be way too much elbow grease and dawn dish soap in warm water is barely better. Should I just refill the tub and run it with a half dose of ahhsome with ~5ppm chlorine, then wipe it down as I drain it?




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I always use shock levels of chlorine when purging with ahh-some.  consider that ahh-some is releasing a lot of miserable bad guys that could themselves be potentially providing safe harbor for other bad guys.  bottom line -- the ahh-some label directions are clear (use elevated chlorine levels).  Just as a point of reference I always shock to at least 15ppm during the purge.  yes, Ahh-some is EPA certified to kill biofilms but don't let that allow you to forget the chlorine step -- you gotta kill those bad guys that ahh-some releases, and you gotta have chlorine for the complete kill.  

As for the lawn:  you can always add peroxide just before draining onto the lawn but also keep in mind that heat is more likely to harm the lawn than chlorine, which will quickly dissipate.  Still, -- a  little drug store hydrogen peroxide works good as a chlorine neutralizer.  Just give the chlorine time to work before you hamstring it with peroxide 🙂 .  I have done this in actual practice -- in general terms, use about as much 'Peroxide as you would ordinary bleach to raise chorine to the same level you are trying to neutralize.  I'm sure there are more precise/cerebral formulas; thats just what I have found to work.  

In this situation I would do a full on purge with ahh-some and use the ahh-some dosed water (also with 10-15ppm chlorine) to wipe everything down.  At this point, vinegar unnecessary unless you are combatting calcium scale.  Dish soap has way too foaming/surfactants -- I never put any dish soap in the spa itself;  ahhsome has enough surfactants to foam up enough by itself, and you probably don't want to be the regional distributor of suds 🙂   

In short, just follow the ahh-some label directions, and wipe everything down with water dosed with ahh-some and chlorine.  

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I can offer my condolences but not much else unfortunately as I haven't had to face that ball-ache. 

I would refill and reheat as I guess that may be a tad easier but it will not dissolve it as that stuff sticks like you know what to a blanket.

Sorry I can't be of more help (any help!).





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