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Hot springs Grande tripping 30a gfci

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I was wondering if i might find some help from this forum?  My hot springs grande doesn't work. It trips the 30a gfci after about 30 seconds.  

The only way to keep the gfci from tripping is to disconnect the circulation pump.  So.... replaced the circulation pump, but that didn't help anything and the 30a gfci is still tripping. 

Any ideas on what it could be? 


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I would go to lowes or home depot and buy a bigger breaker IE: 50amp GFCI or whatever they carry and see if after replacing  the 30Amp with a larger breaker if the problem still persist.  If the problem is still there that means you are leaking voltage somewhere.  IE: GFCI's work pretty simple.  Voltage in to tub needs to come back out and be seen on the white wire to the GFCI breaker.  If there is a difference in voltage the breaker trips.  If it does not trip the 50Amp breaker then that tells me its not a GFCI issue with the voltage but something else drawing too much current.

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That sounds like a circulation pump. Contact dealer for service to ensure the repairs are done right.

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