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Time to buy a hot tub!!!

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I have been reading over this board to help me figure how what path to take to have a hot tub installed and one of the main takeaways I got was don't cheap out.  That you will pay for it one way or another but that one of those way involves a continually working hot tub!


My budget is $5K-$9K.

We need it for pain relief mostly.

I would like it to have a lounger.

I would like chemical system that doesn't require a lot of work and is easy on the skin.  (We have a backyard pool so I'm not afraid of dealing with chemicals.)

I would like a good cover and a lift for it.

The more jets the better and the stronger the better.

For the most part, only my husband and I will be using the tub.

He likes lower back massage.  I like neck massage.

We are in North Carolina.


We have only ever wet tested one tub which was Sundance Spa at the local pool/spa place that also sells inground and above ground pools.  That was about 2 years ago and the price tag was over $20K.  I felt that things there were a bit overpriced.  I truly wish I could just buy one of the costco tubs online and call it a day but I know it won't be that easy.

I also know that I will have probably have to get a dedicated electrical to feed it.  I had to do the for my pool pump too.


What do you all think about the tubs sold by Costco?
What do you think about refurbished tubs that are sold by dealers?

What brands do you think I should be looking at for that price range for our needs?






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I've bought a lot of stuff from HomeDepot.com, have you looked at these hot tub/spas, they start at $2000 and have very good reviews (covers may be additional)  https://www.homedepot.com/b/Outdoors-Hot-Tubs-Home-Saunas-Hot-Tubs/N-5yc1vZcfz2?Ns=P_REP_PRC_MODE|0

One can also at time of purchase contract with Home Depot to install this, they have contractors who work only for them, and that way the entire job, including wiring is covered by one source.  We had French doors ordered through HD and had HD do the install for that reason, went very smoothly.

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Check out Marquis, they will have something in the 5-9K range. I’m sure you have a local dealer in NC. Much better quality, reliability, and efficiency than a spa you will find at Costco. 

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For your price range you could look at Hot Springs Hot Tubs.  I was quoted $10,000 from my dealer for a CALDERA Paradise Martinique.  Comes with lift cover, ozonator etc.


If I was looking into a tub I think I would be looking into a bullfrog if you can find a dealer.  They are packed with jets.


As I have found already, the dealer will really make or break your decision after ownership.  I have a used tub that I fixed and after multiple calls and explanations of them being 2 months out on service I wouldn't go through this dealer to buy a tub.  Who waits 2 months to get service?  My advice would be to call the dealer you are interested in going with a tub and then ask for some bogus service... IE: My tub leaks, how long would it take to get you to look at it?  See what their response is.  I LOVED the sales people at the local spa place, but their service center seems lacking.





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