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I have heard that salt water pools can cause some health issues. Is that true? We are getting hard water here in Toronto. And I had faced some difficulties with hard water and with the help of Toronto plumber's, I installed a softener system and now I am interested in building a pool. Is salt water pool a good option? Does it have the same feature as that of a hard water content? As a salt pool user, did you face any difficulties?
I came to know that that salt water pools require a high initial investment than traditional pools. I think it needs experience technicians for minor problems. Salt has a property to damage the certain materials, so its flow will affect masonry work. So, how is it possible? During searches, I found that salt water chlorinators, generators and cells are expensive. Can you give me a reply?

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No idea, I guess it applies to people with sensitive skin. For example, I've got red spots all over my body even after taking a shower. So I think, the same would happen after swimming in a pool. As for my brother, he had no issues with that, but once he went swimming drunk and almost drowned. Now he's on rehab: https://addictionresource.com/drug-rehab/men-only/. So as you see, it really depends :D

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