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Where are the Audio (red/white) connections in a Hot Springs Limelight Flair Hot tub

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Thank you to this forum for helping me diagnose some of the problems in the hot tub that came with our recent house purchase. I was able to find the 3 parts I needed to replaced cracked fittings, etc. and get our hot tub up and running!

Next issue!

So we have a 2008 (pretty sure, at work...can't verify via Serial) Hot Springs Limelight Flair hot tub. The audio system we have is an Aquatic AV AQ-DM-2BX (http://pdf.nauticexpo.com/pdf/aquatic-av/aq-dm-2bx/29159-60043.html) that accepts the old-school style 30-pin iPod style connectors. So in the process of getting it (the hot tub up and running) I tried using the audio system but it doesn't work. It powers on fine, iPod connects, but no sound. I take that front panel off and see there's a wiring harness connected, but there's the red/white RCA cables that are not hooked up to anything. I'm ASSUMING this is my problem, but I have no clue where these should be connected. I can't find any sort of wiring diagram online to show me.

is this something that might be located inside the IQ panel? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks again for all of your help!

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