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question on DIY moving a hot tub

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a couple of questions to those that have moved a hot tub from one house to another.

First off.  I think I have to transport this (about 30-40 minute drive) on it's side as it's to wide to lay flat on any utility trailer I can get access too.

The local pool place seems to think that is fine as they typically transport the tubs they sell that way.    Should you try and transport motor down so it's not as top heavy? (I'd assume).   Just wondering if anyone here has thoughts on that.

Second question is.  I"m debating whether I should rent a 6x12 utlity trailer from U-Haul, as that seems like it's more then up for the job.  Or I have one of those 5x8 carry on utility trailers,  I put down wood decking over that crappy mesh floor.    The carry on trailer is a 2000lb GVWR trailer, my payload though is probably 1500lbs.   So capacity wise I think I'm fine,  (hot tub is 850ish) it's just that I have to go over a pretty big hill (Appalachian mountain) that is a bit twisty in spots.  I was just worried that since the carry on is a light trailer to begin with and I'm transporting a tub on it's side if that's asking for big trouble. i.e. roll over.



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