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Leak in Tiger River Bengal


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I have a 2004 Tiger River Bengal. My Smart Jet Diverter Valve was leaking from top and I had water dripping from large white pipes under tub shell behind control panel. I replaced diverter valve and o-rings. Works great. Problem now is that water is still dripping from large white pipes under tub shell when the diverter valve is in 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock positions and pump is running. Tub does not leak unless pumps are running. The water drips down from pipes in pump compartment as well as drips out of right corner of exterior casing(tub is on concrete slab with slight pitch to right). The large white pipes coming from manifold seem very durable. Could they develop a leak? Any ideas appreciated.

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I had the exact same hot tub.. Mine was leaking around one of the glue joints where the pipe (hose) is glued into the manifold.  I was able to fix it.  First remove all the water from the spa.  You will need to buy some Christy's Wet or Dry PVC cement.  You will also need some PVC pipe cleaner.  Tape all the jets with any kind of tape to seal them.. Remove the diverter valve.  Take a vacuume and place it in the top of the diverter valve hole.. Tape around the nozzel to seal it so air doesnt leak when you turn it on.  When you turn on your vacuume put the PVC pipe cleaner around the glue joints and it will get sucked into the leaking spot.  (If you use the colored cleaner you can shut off the vaccume, remove the hose and check to see if it got pulled into the valve control then you will be sure you found where the leake was).  I did mine a few times until I was sure it was coated all around it, then put the Wet or Dry around it and imeadiately shut off the vacuume.  The PVC cleaner is more important than tne glue because it softens up the plastic to make the glue stick!  The glue will harden within 3 hrs then you can refill and test it.  Now the hard part is getting to the leaking fitting.. I actually had to cut/remove the front to gain enough access.  Good Luck!

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NDakota, I think you may have nailed it. I am going to try your fix the next time I drain tub as I just filled it. I will definitely have to cut away some of the frame to gain access to manifold. In the meantime I am just going to use tub with diverter valve set to positions that don't produce leaks. Thank you.

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