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Down East Bleeder Plug


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So, hoping someone can answer my question. Thanks in advance if you can.

I had a major leak on my Down East hottub. Tracked it down to, what I believe is called, the bleeder plug. The O-ring looks to be shot. The problem I am having is that I can't get it to screw back into the fluid end. I have not replaced the o-ring and don't know if I may have a bigger problem. It somewhat screws in when I take the o-ring completely off. I hope this makes sense and it's a common problem. I have pictures of what I am calling the bleeder plug.



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Looks like the threads are bad on your plug, get a new plug.  Since there's an O-ring, it's NOT tapered pipe threads, the O-ring is the seal, and you shouldn't need to overtighten either.  I'd contact the manufacturer to get a new plug, or at least find out the correct thread size.

I doubt that you'd need to tap new/larger thread size.  A thread chaser of the correct size might help.

In some ways this looks similar to bad threads of an oil pan drain plug on a vehicle.  There are rubber expansion plugs available for those that might work for you if nothing else does.

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I have very little experience with tubs but not in hardware. I have ran into similar problems threading dry plastics into dry threads. If they threads on both ends look good I would want to add some sort of lube to the threads and the O ring to get a good seal. It would take much lube but I would want to find a produce that is safe to use in tubs. To run with the oil pan analogy you would do the same. Just my 2 cents.

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