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Ozonator bubbles too big and noisy!!!


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Hello all, 

Newbie here. I have had a HotSprings Relay for about 18 months and I've never been very happy with the noise the ozone bubbles make. It has from time to time been quite good with plenty of fine champagne size bubbles but it never stays that way and mostly bubbles are too big and noisy with a surging type of action. I had the dealer come out and inspect once but I wasn't home at the time and he reported that all was fine then tried to charge me a fallout fee of $120. I quickly put them straight on that one. I have tried cleaning the injector and made absolutely positive there are no air leaks. I have tried crimping the ozone tube to reduce the amount of air being injected and that worked partially. I even installed a ball valve to fine tune the amount of air but that didn't work. I either get too much ozone or too little. 

Has anyone had this problem and what did you do to fix it? Do I need a different injector. The one installed is a no name brand.

Any help is very much appreciated.


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I've had experience with ozone systems on multiple pools and the large bubbles are always a problem. 

My hypothesis is the size of the bubbles depends on the plumbing along with the flow rate and head of the system.  Air/ozone gets trapped in air pockets in the plumbing and as it builds it eventually bubbles out in big bubbles.  The size of those bubbles coming out of the air pockets very based on the flow rate and head of the system.  Most ozone systems use a venturi to create suction and they increase head while reducing flow and that favors larger bubbles.  

Not much you can do unless you add a degassing chamber.  You could also try increasing flow rate.   

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Thanks for your input al_novak.

How do I increase the flow rate? I have a continuous silent flow pump that the ozenator is plumbed into.

I have seen a lot of venturi injectors for sale online and their prices vary form a few $ to hundreds of $. Would a different venturi help? And what are the difference that warrant such high prices?

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My guess is you have the wrong ozone injector.  They are color coaded acording to flow rate and bubble size.  You need to use the Black one if you truely have a silent flow pump. The Red one is not for the low flow rate of your silent flow pump it is for the low speed of the larger Pump 1.  I was told that you couldnt put a silent flow pump on a Relay??  I would also question how they put installed it because it is not listed as an option on that model for some reason.

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