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We bought our divine hot tub through Costco about 5 years ago and almost all the jets have flown out. They break apart and fly all over the bottom of our hot tub. Also shortly after we bought it all the pillows came off. When I called to have them replaced I was informed that they don't replace them. We paid a lot of money for this hot tub and it's been falling apart since we bought it. If we would of known that nothing was covered under the warranty then we would of never bought this one. Very disappointed!

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From my experience, the main reason that jets pop out is because the plastic gets brittle from too much chlorine.  To lose one or two jets would be a warranty issue, but to lose them all is a systemic problem. 

Jets have little plastic tabs on the side of the jet body that snap into the housings.  The tabs deteriorate over time, but all the jets in five years is a lot.  Most pillows are held on by friction.  The vinyl gets brittle, tears, and the mounts have nothing to hold to.  That could be aggravated by chlorine, but the pillows themselves are pretty vulnerable, and depending how high you fill your tub, may be submerged continuously, which is not how they are designed to be used.

The Divine tubs are good tubs.  And internally they use the same pumps, electronics, jets and PVC as most of the other hot tubs on the market.

I've never heard of a 5 year warranty on a Divine hot tub.  Is that what Costco told you?  I've serviced a few of the Costco tubs (they're made by Strong Spas) and found their manufacturer to be very flexible when it comes to keeping Costco customers happy.


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