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Filled the tub wrong - red flashing light

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I have a Hot Springs spa - we had too many people in it over the weekend, and the water level dropped a lot. We filled it up by putting the hose in the water and now there is a blinking red light and the jets won’t work. 

Any ideas on how to fix it? Is it something i can do myself? Will leaving it for a day fix it? Thanks in advance

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Blinking red light means hi-limit sensor tripped.  Probably what happened is your too many people had too much hair conditioner, body lotion, sunscreen, etc on their bodies and clogged the filters, which may have already been dirty.  The condition will remain until you clean the filters, turn the hot tub power off, then power it up again.  Easyiest way to check it is to remove the filters and turn the tub on.  If it works without filters, it's time for some filter care.

Low water can also cause a hi limit sensor trip.  If the heater isn't getting enough water, it gets too hot and trips the hi limit sensor.  Fill the tub to the proper level,  power off, than on again and see if the issue resolves.


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