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Went out to hot tub running, but no heat.  Recently replaced heater, been running fine for a few months. 


See picture below.  Thank God house didn't burn down! 

Thinking maybe electrician didn't hook these up very well, as it looks like maybe that's what caused this?

This doesn't look like the normal relay burned out normal problems, does it?

https://www.dropbox.com/s/lgn7630cx9osmhs/2017-12-21 21.55.46.jpg?dl=0

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I don't know that I'd blame the electrician, but your heater relay board is definitely fried.

The problem is the terminal block is too small for the wires.  They have a terminal that's probably designed to connect a 12 gauge wire and tell you to hook up the hot tub with 8 or 10 gauge wire.  The wires from their heaters are also too fat for the connectors.  They make both parts, why wouldn't they make them fit?  That's a design issue more than anything else.  That's why those boards fail so frequently.

Notice how the design allows the power board to get damaged without hurting the logic circuit board?  It's almost like their engineers and sales people worked together to come up with a way to ensure repair income stream without getting stuck for a lot of warranty repairs on the main circuit board, which is 4 times the price.





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