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Eliminate drain suction hazards:

Inspect pools daily to ensure drain covers are in good condition and securely attached.

Do not operate shallow (less than 18 inches) pools with a single main drain suction outlet.

 Post a sign: “WARNING — To prevent serious injury, do not allow children in swimming pool if drain cover is broken or missing.”

In the event of a fecal accident:

 Instruct pool users to exit the pool; close the pool (24-hour minimum closure) and remove as much fecal material as possible from the pool.

 Vacuum the pool and direct waste to a sewer system and not through pool filtration system (disinfect vacuum before reuse).

 Raise free chlorine residual to 20.0 ppm with pH 7.2 – 7.5 and maintain overnight.

 Operate filtration system for 3 or 4 turnovers, then backwash.

 If spa, hot tub, or wading pool is contaminated, drain the pool at this point.

 Disinfect the filter tank and media with a 20:1 solution of sodium hypochlorite; (alternative: for diatomaceous earth or cartridge filters, replace media or cartridge element).

 Restart filtration system and neutralize any excessively high residual chlorine with sodium thiosulfate or allow to return to 5 ppm free chlorine.

 Balance pool water and reopen the pool.

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Swimming pools are a fun and relaxing place to spend hot summer days. A swimming pool can be a very dangerous place for younger children. So, make sure to fence your pool, especially if your pool is in the yard.
You should also use good pool cover which is one of the best things you can do to keep environmental contaminants from entering the water.
Make sure to vacuum your pool once a week on average.
Use Algaecides which is used for killing of the growth of algae.
If you want to eliminate insects or ants completely, then you should hire a
pest control Nassau County services.
Also use some good quality chemicals that will give you peace of mind that your water clean and safe.


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