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Last night the water temperature sensor broke on my Pentair intelliTouch equipment.  The spa temperature was really about 60 degrees but the temp would jump to 109, 77, 104, 90...  I had a group of people over and really needed to get the spa to heat.  The problem was that every time the temp sensor sent a value > 104 the heater would shut off.

I ordered a new temp sensor on Amazon for $25, but wanted to get the spa to heat just one more time.

After watching the youTube video on how to replace the temp sensor, it occurred to me that if just swapped the air temp and water temp inputs then the air temp (a constant 65 degrees) would  always report a low value and the heater would stay on.  So I opened up the control panel, removed the two screws holding the top section in place, folded down the top panel, and used a small screwdriver to loosen the connectors on the right side, holding both the water an air temp sensor wires.  After swapping the two sensor inputs I closed up the panel and the heater worked.  Of course I then needed to reduce the max temp setting on the heater to 102 since otherwise it would have heated to 104.

After figuring this out I also found other blog posts suggesting the same quick fix, but none had originally come up on my search and none had enough details to help my feeble brain figure this out quickly, so I figured I would re-post a detailed description and more tags...

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