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Old floor cleaning system


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hello everyone

I'm  trying to fix my pool cleaning system (don't know the history about it since i bought the house a year ago) and i opened the valve just to find that is empty, no gears or nothing inside , and where the pop up heads are they replace them with a plastic cover . i think the system couldn't be cancel since these are the only returns to the pool. the thing is that I'm about to re plaster my pool  and i think would be the perfect time to install new pop up heads, now my questions are:

-can i fix my current valve and install new pop up heads even if they are a different brand? (i was trying to find my valve brand but i don't see it, I'll attach a picture)

-or i need to replace everything , valve and heads?

all i know is a top feed valve with 4 ports in the bottom  and 4 cancelled heads in the pool.

thanks in advance.I'll really appreciate any suggestions


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I think its good to replace all the valves. Else if the current valve gets damaged you will have to repair it again. Recently, I also cleaned my pool. For few days we were not at home. When we reached back we saw a raccoon lying dead in the pool. We immediately called one of the wildlife control services in Newmarket to get the pool cleared of the dead raccoon. There are also a lot of raccoons in the attics and in the yard. All those raccoons were also caught by them. Raccoons like to hide their feces in the water, so they often poo in the pool, often on the first step. So it was a need for me to get my pool area and surroundings cleared of those dirty creatures.

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