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Hello all,
I have a Viking Legend spa that was manufactured in early 2014.  After changing the water, the main pump has begun to pulse and surge when the high jet is turned on.  It seems to run fine in low, normal circulation mode.  (The second pump seems to be running without issue.)  The spa was not run without water covering all the intakes, but it was run without the filter so I could perform a deep cleaning with Spa Purge.  Turning the power off and allowing the pump to re-prime did not fix it.  Does this sound like an air pocket issue?  If so, how do I correct it?  I'm a novice, but have tools and can follow directions well. :)  Thanks in advance for advice and help.

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Man---wife and I just got out of our month old Jacuzzi J325. I restarted the jets to add some shock oxidizer, and same thing. Jets come on for just a few seconds, stops, pulses on, stops..Didnt mean to hijack your thread, but it was literally first thing I saw after logging in. In my case, only 1 pump, and if I divert to the front seats it stops surging. Diverting to the back it surges, and center position surges. I shut off power at the breaker and restarted it, no change. Any suggestions would be appreciated..Sorry again Jay-maybe we can both get some help



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We have an Aquarest Plug and Play

it has worked perfectly for one month.

suddenly it started surging. Our water level is good. Our filter is very clean.

all the lights on the panel are flashing, along with the surging. 
when the lights are flashing, you cannot get any of the ‘buttons’  to work
we have unplugged it several times...it didn’t fix the problem.

once...when we stopped the jets (stopped everything) it quit surging for a day.

When I got in the next day, the jets were running fine. Without thinking Inhitnthenjets button...and it started surging. Every 30 when the jet cycle kicks in, it is surging.

we can’t get hold of the manufacturer to ask about this.



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