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Hello - I have a 450gal tub that is 2 months old and I have a constant recurring issue.  I filled the tub, added sodium bromide and shocked with MPS...I also have a bromine floater that is in the tub that I have set to "all the way open".  I find it impossible to maintain a bromine readout from day to day.  If I add dichlor I get a nice readout, but within 18 hours the readout goes to 0.  Last night, I shocked w/MPS to try and reactivate the bromine.  I will run a test strip tonight to see if there is anything, but the only thing I noticed this morning is that it made my water cloudy... Please help!


UPDATE: Last night I was actually able to get a readout of bromine in my spa, which means something is finally working.  The next question I have would be how do I maintain this level of bromine?  Just keep shocking with MPS weekly, or is something else required more than that?

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