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20amp breaker immediately trips on Hot Spring Grandee


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I have a 2003 Hot Spring Grandee. I refilled it about a month ago, ran fine, all lights solid.

Went on vacation for a week, come back and have no lights on and the 20 amp breaker immediately trips if I try to turn it back on.

The 30 amp breaker is fine. I think this is for the heater, but even with just the 30 amp on, it's not heating and no lights light on the tub.

Any suggestions for a fix. I called a technician but they won't be out until Nov. 22nd, and at this point, in Detroit, temps are going down into the 20's the next couple of nights. 

How fast do hot tub lines freeze? I'm afraid I'm going to have more problems because of the temps.

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Get yourself a 1500 watt space heater from walmart and put it inside the cabinet to stop the pipes from freezing up.  Obviously, use care to avoid burning or melting anything.

As to the problem, do your pumps work?  Is the spa still filtering?


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1 hour ago, Dan.The.Spa.Man said:

Has the circ pump been replaced with the newer E5 pump at some point?  If so I would check the circ pump  to see if water has gotten into the back motor part of it.  Unscrew the small screw in the back cap and see if it's wet in there.  If so that's the problem.

Yes, in Dec. 2015. I'll have to look at it and see where the screw is that you're talking about.

If it's wet, does that mean the pump is toast?

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On 11/8/2017 at 6:02 PM, Dan.The.Spa.Man said:

Yes.  In the back of the circ pump there is a cap with a small screw in the center.  You need a small screw driver to remove it.  If water pours out or if it's wet then it's done.  

Thanks Dan, that's exactly what it was. I opened the back of it, water poured out. Did a seal break? The pump is only about 3 years old. I'm disappointed that these things don't last longer.

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