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Electrical Sub panel Question


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I have a need for some lighting and therefore a separate 115v 15amp circuit and the nearest location is the Hotsprings spa sub panel.  Now I know the Hotsprings spa requires a dedicated 50amp circuit. Still I was considering - if okay to tie in to the 20 or 30 amp breaker for some low voltage led lights. I realize this is not code but I believe the spa draws near the maximum required amps on both the 20 and 30 amp breaker.   

1. Has anyone else done this tie in successfully?

2. Did you tie in to the 20 or 30 amp circuit (i'm considering adding a single 15amp receptacle)

3.  I have No other option except and extension cord


Thank you


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>>>>   I realize this is not code ......

These "codes" are for safety, not just to inconvenience you.  I'd run a separate wire from your main panel to your new circuit breaker. 

I'm not an electrician, so I can't argue the pros and cons of what you want to do.  I just don't agree with fudging the rules when it comes to mixing electricity and water.

The spa is supposed to run on a circuit that provides 20% more amperage than required.  IOW, a 40 amp spa should be on a 50 amp circuit.  So if your assertion that the spa is using most of the capacity of the two circuits is true, it wouldn't be a good idea for that reason as well.

In answer to your question about has anyone done this successfully,   I have close to a thousand customers and none of them have additional breakers connected to their hot tub circuits.  And if they did, I wouldn't work on their tubs.



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