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Repairing motomassage jets on Hot Springs Grandee 92-95


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Just wanted to share my experience with the community repairing motomassage jets on my Hot Springs Grandee 92-95 by Watkins, which came in "as is" condition with the house we bought. Besides of few other problems (that I fixed earlier), both motomassage jets had their "spine cords" broken, with some pieces pushed away and floating on the surface. All related tubes were in more or less good shape.

A recommended jet replacement of "73307 Hot Spring Spas Moto Massage Jet Assembly" would cost me around $100 each. Spending $200 to replace these plastic pieces didn't seem to be fair, so I was looking for a cheaper option, and finally found "Moto Jet DX HG 14-C 77242" for $40 on ebay, which looked exactly as 73307, but without an air tube and o-ring.

I decided to give it a try and ordered one - the risk was worse it, they turned out to be the same. I re-used my old air tube with o-ring, and my first jet started working immediately. Shortly I ordered another one and now I have both jets fully repaired for $80, rather than $200.

P.S. I don't know the exact year when this Grandee was manufactured, because the serial of "G-05354" on it doesn't match the pattern they used. If someone has a knowledge - please, share.


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