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HH code and temp over 120

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I have a claspa from 08. It's a good sized one. We have had almost zero issues until last year. Heater went out in October, ordered heater and installed sadly after first freeze. Luckily I drained and used rv antifreeze. Only minor damage. 

Now for today. We had a power supply issue around lunch. Everything in the house with a display was blinking PF. So after looking around noticed the hot tub cover inflated? Went out to check and the heat coming off was unreal. I popped  the cover and steam poured out. Display read HH. Could not touch the water. Pulled the access panel and saw the gate valves all deformed and leaking. I pulled the breaker, left the cover open the last 3 hrs. Still can't touch the water. So I'm thinking heater/controller and maybe a pump and all new gate valves. Is this even worth fixing or should I just get a new one. Being 8-9 years old. Also would it have enough residual value to try to go for homeowners ins? If that would even be a covered thing??

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