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A.O Smith motor won't start

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I have an A.O. Smith B855 motor that has been working for a while but now fails to start. 

  • It does not hum or start at all when the Filter pump button is pressed on the Easy Touch Panel while in Service Mode.
  • It does not hum or start at all when the scheduled start time is met.
  • I can turn the motor shaft/impeller by hand freely without any tools so there is no bind.
  • The Polaris 280 booster pump works fine.
  • The Pentair 2HP water fall motor works fine.
  • All other items, such as valves, blower, etc. work fine.
  • There is power to the panel.
  • No breaker is tripped.

I replaced the capacitor at the top of the motor just to be sure but no luck.  When I press the Filter Pump button on the Easy Touch panel while in service mode, I hear a click, which I assume is coming from the replay in the panel.

Could it be a faulty relay?  I was thinking of troubleshooting it by swapping the relay from the waterfall motor since I know it works.


Any ideas?





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