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We purchased a 20 mil pool liner to replace our old one.  We just received it and it is MUCH thinner than the old one.  I'm not sure what gauge/mil the old one was but it is much thicker and lasted us 8 years.  Should we send this 20 mil liner back and get something thicker?  Seems a lot of companies are selling 20 mil but we'd prefer to spend a little more and do it right  so it lasts as long as possible.  


Thank you for your time!

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My original liner lasted 14 years.  I got a replacement genuine Doughboy liner (it's not a Doughboy pool) because the installer thought they were better, and had the same installer as did it originally do the job, and there was a leak at the seam within a couple of weeks.

I had to fight with Doughboy about getting a replacement liner, not easy.

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