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Jandy Aqua pure reading higher and not producing chlorine

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 I'm new on the forum even thought I've been reading on this forum for years.

Here is my 1400 issue. I added salt and now it is reading 4400ppm when in different stores is reading 2600. it is not producing chlorine and I set it at 90% and still nothing. the cell is clean and all the other level are ok. I even put some Phosphate remover as directed by the store tech. The cell is just two years old, last one last 5 years. what could it be?

Thanks for your help

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I would test the water for salt at a couple of different places.  You may even want to invest (less than 100 dollars online) in a salt tester.  Most will come with a test packet that you can calibrate with a known level of salt to keep your unit accurate.  My guess is that you have too much salt in the pool if you added any.

Keep in mind that:

Salt does not evaporate.  The only way you lose salt is when water is taken from the pool.  Splashing, pumping out, etc.  NOT evaporation though.

If you system is running fine then all of a sudden it needs salt, something is up.  If you truly need salt, you would only need 10# or  20# AT THE MOST,  unless of course you just pumped alot of water out of the pool.

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Oh !!! thanks for your rapid response. I tested in two different places and it shows 2600 PPM but in my system shows 4400PPM. I agree that it never needs a lot of salt but it has been raining for days here in Miami and my pool over flowed a couple of time, I had to add everything. Acid, stabilizer, and salt. Do you think that if the cell read too high in salt it will stop producing chlorine? That's my guess. In this case I'll add some new water since I drained a few inches after I read high in salt.

the only error I have is 145 that is High Salinity (above 4.0 gpl).

Which salt tester would you recommend?

I really appreciate your response and help, it is very frustrating trying to resolve this by myself since every time I contacted Jandy  they only send me contact information of vendors instead of technicians.

Thanks Again 

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