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NorthWest Florida Used Hot Tub Sellers? Bullfrog Spa review


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Are there any reputable hot tub companies that sell spa over-runs, truly discounted, or used hot tubs in the North West part of Florida? My 10 year old hot tub finally passed on to the "hot tub heaven in the sky", and I'm having trouble wanting to spend $12,000+ on a new one. NOTE: I'm 6' 2" so almost no hut tub has deep enough seats for me. The only one I"ve found so far is the lounge seat only (not the other seats) in Caldera Spas's Geneva hot tub. 

I'm interested in  the Bullfrog Spa line due to the swappable jets, but have only sat in one hot tub, and of course the seat height was to low. 


So my two questions are:

Reasonable driving distance to look at deeply discounted hot tubs that are at least 89" X89" (seat at least 6-8) (Drive time from my area of Florida to Tallahassee is; 3 hours, Mobile, AL; 1 hour, Birmingham, AL; 4 hours, Gulfport, MS; 2 hours


Bullfrog Spas; Reviews only from actual users.



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