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Help with new tub


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Have had new tub for about a week. 

Day we got it, filled up, tested neg for metals so proceeded to use non chlorine shock after adjusting ph. Used a floating bromine dispenser,

After a few days, still no bromine registered at testing. 

Left for vacation. 

Rash appeared on 3 of us (looks like mosquito bites, assuming pseudomonas from lack of bromine). Not too concerned with that and sure it will go away soon.

came home to a slightly green translucent tub, barely registering bromine. Spa place recommended hyperchlorinating using granular chlorine. This definitely helped some with the green color, but we ultimately chose to drain, scrub and refill.

After filling today, I adjusted ph, which is about 7.6-7.8, and added maintenance chlorine just to keep the water sanitized and not risk pseudomonas infectioN. I plan to get sodium bromide tomorrow to create a bank, then use the bromide floater.

Am I missing anything?

Is it safe to use today since we have added chlorine to sanitize?

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You need to use a plumbing flush cleaner, especially in a brand new hot tub.  Add a plumbing cleaner every 6 months just prior to draining and refilling. Doing this is going to make your water much higher quality without heavy maintenance issues.  Read about Biofilm in hot tubs.  This is a sore subject, especially with some hot tub dealers.  Consumers need to addresss this issue.

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