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I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place or this type of post that's not supposed to be here (I'm a new pool owner). 

We just completed our fiberglass pool and we decided to put in a ledge. Well, I didn't research enough and I found after the fact that some furniture ruins fiberglass. I really want a chaise for my ledge but I'm super nervous. My friend with a fiberglass pool uses ledge lounger(s?) chaises and says they're really good and they're safe for fiberglass. 

I'd like a second-opinion from experts. Anyone use them, how are they? 

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21 hours ago, Graysonn said:

It's a discussion situation.

 We have to consider that it will be by the pool and there will be quite a lot of water. So if you want loungers, you can order that 2 in 1, I mean the ones that are with replacement pillows. If they get dirty, you can put them in the washing machine. For me, that's a more convenient method instead of those from materials that are not so easy to clean. I ordered some from the best deals online. Lol, after my purchase, my sister is in love with these ones and is sitting all day long there.

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