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I bought a 199? tot tub, don't know the manufacturer.  I had a broken air control valve, and replaced both.   Some of the Waterway, screw in jets were not putting out air.  I placed a shop vac, set to discharge, over the air control, and air did come out of all the jets attached to that manifold.  I removed some of the jets to clean.  They adjusted hard, but were not stuck ,or clogged, with no missing o-rings.  I put them back into the housing, and no air.  I removed the air line from the manifold, and still no air to the jet.  

Looking at one of the jets on the other manifold that was working properly, I turned the jet on and off, no air flow.  

Will a jet wear-out, and not provide the necessary suction?  Around the eye of the jets, there is about 1/8' clearance where I can see to the back of the jet. 

Is it normal to have water in the airlines when the air control is closed?   

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!



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