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Purchasing a Used Sundance Hot Tub... HELP!


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Good morning, all!

My husband and I have been looking to purchase a hot tub for about a year now, but simply cannot bring ourselves to spend $6k+ on a brand new tub. I was poking around online yesterday and happened to find a used 2005 Sundance Cadence hot tub that a woman was giving away for free, as long as we haul. We went to check it out same day and loved it- it's a great tub and looked well maintained. We have to figure out how to move it, so I started calling a few local hot tub haulers. The one who got back to me said he would politely decline the job as the Sundance tubs from that time period are made with a type of wood that often rots out from underneath. He said the bottom of the tub may detach from the rest of it when we try to move it onto its side. My husband is very handy and it doesn't phase him that he may need to rebuild some of the base, but it scared me a bit. Has anybody dealt with this? Is this really a very common issue with the Sundance tubs?

We'll now be moving it ourselves so we're trying to figure out those logistics, too.

Thank you.

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Almost all hot tubs are made with wooden frames and that wood can rot out with ground and/or water contact.

Typically, the tub shell "hangs" from the wooden frame, and the "guts" sit on the floor, so lifting it and tilting it would put a lot of stress on the plumbing, since it's the plumbing that connects the tub to the guts.

You could always prepare a couple of wooden supports to nail in there when you put it on it's side, pre-cut to the right sizes to help support the tub while it's moved.  Maybe something like four large triangular braces for each of the four corners and a couple of 2x4's to run the length & width of the tub.

Still, I hate to disappoint you, but if a professional who does this for a living says he can't do the job, what makes you think an amateur who has never done it before will get good results?  Or, maybe a better question is, how much money will it cost you if the tub is damaged?  Is it cheap enough that it's worth the risk?



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