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Unground pool unlevel

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Hello All!  My husband and I had a pool installed (20x40 vinyl lined with polymer walls) and it is unlevel by several inches.  It's so bad that we have had to plug the small skimmer in the shallow end because we can't get the water level high enough.  We unfortunately used an independent guy with good recommendations from our builder rather than a company (something we deeply regret now) who has now disappeared.  The pool guy that has helped us sort out some other issues (a leak in the return lines and an inferior pump) says that the pool will filter fairly well with just one skimmer, but it won't be optimal.  He doesn't do much of the construction so he wasn't sure if the problem could be fixed.  Is there a way to "bring up" the shallow end in order to make the water level reach both skimmers.  I was hoping that when the time comes to replace the liner there is something we might be able to do!  Thanks for any advice!  I grew up with a pool, but never had to deal with the "issues"!  

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Question about inground pool.  My pool was built of poured concrete with steel rebar.   A few years ago I bought a Polaris 3900 pressure side cleaner and booster.  I had to install an unsightly 1" "return" line that is buried except where it crosses a 4' wide deck.  Since Polaris sells the "rebuild" kit for only about $150 vs. an $800 cleaner, I put up with the line crossing the deck to hook up the cleaner.  Would it be cheaper to do away with the booster pump and cleaner and just buy a suction cleaner that can use the skimmer suction line?  Or is it feasible to dig underneath the deck and drill a hole for a new modern return inlet most modern pools have?

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