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Hot Spot SX error code help


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Hi all, I have a Hot Springs Hot Spot SX that isn't heating.  I'm able to set the target temp and the spa will attempt to run and heat up but after a while I get the following error code while the jets are running -

display reads ===== with 'ready' slowly blinking, with filter cycle icon in lower right lit and jet icon in lower left lit.

I feel like I may need to replace the electronic pressure switch because it dripped slowly for a couple minutes when I first turned it on.  Any guidance is much appreciated!

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Well, that's the part you HOPE is bad...

Your code indicates the control thermistor is out of range.  However, if the spa was made in 2011 or roughly the first half of 2012, there's also a good chance the control head (where the thermostat logic is located) is simply interpreting the signal from the thermistor incorrectly, the thermistor is fine, and you might need a new control head instead.  (Which is no longer available, you would need a new control head and control box, which is considerably more expensive than a thermistor)


If the thermistor doesn't do the trick, post the spa serial number, and the good folks from Hot Springs will point you in the right direction :)



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