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Circuit Board shorted out

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I have a 2010 Jacuzzi J230.  It is a 3 wire spa.  Recently, the breaker blew out, so I opened up the control box and noticed some black marks.  After further inspection, I noticed that one of the 220 wires that plugs into the bottom of the circuit board had essentially shorted itself and burnt the connection off the board.   I am curious is just replacing the board is going to fix the problem, or that wire during up is an indication of a much bigger problem.

I did a little research and this wire goes to the thermostat for my heater core.  It is one pole of the 220V circuit.  (the black wire)

Is it possible the hearter core I also bad and the short caused this to burn up?.



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I can't speak as to the issue with your board, but relay's burn up all the time.  Some people on this forum say they've replaced the relay's themselves.

The power leads going into your tub are 6 gauge stranded probably.  The get hot, expand, then contract.  Over time, the connection gets loose from years of expansion and contraction.  Loose wires cause arcing, which can burn up your circuit board.

If a heater shorts out, it means the coating on the element has failed and electricity is leaking out of the element into the water, which instantly trips your GFCI,  I don't think current leakage would cause a relay to burn up.  I've never been able to connect a board burn up due to a heater, but honestly, how would you know?   When the boards damaged, you replace it.  If you replace the board and the tub works properly, you're going to assume the heater is working fine and wasn't the problem. 


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