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Hi all! New to this forum and to being a hot tub owner. We purchased a home that had a 2015 Hot Springs Flair left behind. Filled it up through the filter but the jets aren't working so I'm wondering if there is an air lock. When filling it up through the filter I didn't hold the hose in, I let it hold itself so I'm curious if I should've held it in while filling it to apply direct pressure. is there a bleeder valve on this model? The heater seems to be working and so do the LED lights. We are getting champagne bubbles and when trying to get the jets to work it kicks on like it's trying to.

Please excuse use my ignorance. Very new to all of this! 


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Jet pumps make one of three sounds:

A humm that lasts about ten seconds before it gives up.  That's the motor trying to begin turning, but having no success.

A pumping sound that will continue indefinitely, but without water movement,  which means an air bubble is in there and needs to be bleed out.

A pumping sound with water moving, which is what you want.

You probably have air in the jet pump wet end.  Sometimes repeated on and off pushing of the JETS button will break it up, or you have to physically bleed the lines.


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