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Dream maker spa not running

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I just cleaned and plugged my spa back in.  It was woeking before being drained now it is giving me an Sn error and wont turn on.  I have done some research about this issue and have seen it is the gfci or a bad heating sensor.  By gfci is this the plug or the whole cable?  And how hard is it to replace the sensor?

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I doubt a GFCI would cause an Sn error.  You could check it by press the "TEST" button on the plug. 

Since the error occurred right after draining the tub, my guess is that it's related to bad flow.  Not enough flow through the heater causes the water to get too hot, which generates a hi-limit error, which your tub is giving you as an Sn message.  Do you see water moving through the tub when you turn it on?  If not, there's probably a bubble of air stuck inside the pump which is preventing it from moving enough water.  Here's an article that explains why:  http://www.jerseyhottubrepair.com/just-refilled-tub-now-heater-wont-turn-help/

To bleed the pump, I would try repeatedly pressing the jets button to create some turbulence inside the pump and hopefully break up that air bubble.

When you refilled the tub, did you put your hose into the filter, or just leave it in the foot well?




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I am guessing this is a 120-volt plug-in Dreammaker tub. I own a 2006 Eclipse and have seen that issue. Sn code means 1 or both probes are either out of range or disconnected. Check the 4-pin connector that connects the sensors to the controller as I have seen bad connections there. With the GFI unplugged, unplug and reconnect the sensors. If this doesn't work, replace the sensors. They are located in the 1-1/2" 90 fitting just above the pump and can be replaced without draining the tub (On the '06 Eclipse).

OH mean overheat. You can cause it after filling the tub with hot or cold water and power is interrupted briefly during initial heat-up. If this happens, shut the tub off for 30 minutes and restart. A pocket of hot (over 104) forms at the sensors directly above the pump and trips the OH condition. Don't ask me how I know about that one. I cheat during the winter on refill. I fill it when cold tap water enough to cover the foot wells then switch to hot water from my washer connection until water is luke-warm from the hose. Switch back to cold water until full. Water is usually 65-75 instead of 45-50 and cuts reheat time to 12 hours instead of 24.

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