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Hot Tub Light Repair


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Hey Guys,


Long time creeper, first time poster!

I need some idea's on how I can repair my Hot Tub Light. There was a plastic piece, about 2" wide that went around the perimeter of the light, to seal it off. This has broken (see pic) and now it looks like the glue is deteriorating. There is a very small amount of water dripping through this spot, and its only going to get worse. Im looking for ideas of what I can do to properly seal the light fixture. I have a Sunrise Gecko HotTub if that matters.





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You can try silicone or construction cement, but the best way to repair is to replace the entire assembly.  They are relatively inexpensive:  http://www.spadepot.com/Light-Wall-Fitting-Assembly-5-Face-3-58-Hole--P6068C213.aspx

You have to know how large the hole is that the light is mounted in.  5" is a commons size. 

To replace, drain the tub below the level of the light, unscrew the nut on the back of the fixture (easier said than done) and replace.  The gasket goes between the light housing and the wet side of the tub body.  The real trick is finding an angle you can work at, as the lamp housings are often in difficult to reach places or behind other parts of the tub.  I've had to remove pumps and insulation to replace the housings in the past.



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Thanks ScubaDave. I didn't realize they were that cheap, your probably right its just better to replace. So the gasket and the screws are really all that seals the fixture? I was expecting to put some type of glue/silicone around it as well to ensure it doesn't leak!

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