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2013 Hot Spring Limelight control panel (silicon) buttons were cracking


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New to this forum. I have a 2013 Hot Spring Limelight series hot tub which I have had zero issues with until recently. I noticed the display letters/numbers started flickering and going off and on intermittently. Luckily, I was able to turn off the pumps and lights before the control head totally died!  I removed the panel from the tub body and disassembled it, only to find that the silicon pad (3 buttons) on the left side which controls the jets and "mode up" and "mode down" settings was cracked around the base, allowing water to penetrate into the head and drip right onto the circuit board.  My thoughts are this is a very poor design and if there was even a cover over the circuit board to divert water away from dripping directly onto the board, this never would have happened.  Also, any parts searches are showing this control head as a complete assembly when it is easily able to be disassembled by removing a few screws.  Does anyone know of a place where I can order the separate components that I need rather than having to shell out $320. plus shipping for a new unit?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Right you are!  They told me they cannot order just the overlay as a separate item.  Ended up buying the entire control assembly from my local dealer.  They matched a price I found on the web and saved me the shipping charges, which was pretty cool.  Everything is back together and working fine again!  :-)

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