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A year ago I purchase a Jacuzzi hot tub.  We had a service take care of it for a few months but decided we could do it ourselves.  Not sure they were doing a good job, the tub seems dirty often.  The tub has the Clearway purification system.  Seems good. All the levels were where they were supposed to be according to the test strips.  But I have developed Hot Tub Itch.  I just emptied and cleaned the tub and I am ready to start over.  Everyone tells me something different, its quite confusing.  

1- Should i be using the Pro clear sanitizer stick? Some say yes, some say no.  

2- I read  a bit about using bleach. Where do I begin.  Just not sure the amounts.   

3- How important is it to use a pre-fill filter before filling the tub.

Thanks for the help.


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It sounds like your sanitizer level has dropped to an unsanitary level at some point and bacteria has had a chance to get established.

Get some Ahh-Some for spas, refill the tub (any clean water is fine), use Ahh-Some per directions, drain, repeat until foam stays pure white (no crud coming out of your spa's plumbing).

Get a good water test kit. Ditch the strips.

Decide if you want to use chlorine or bromine as a sanitizer. We can advise you from there.

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According to Jacuzzi, the clear ray bulb needs to be replaced after 1 year.   If you're past a year, you may not be getting the protection that Jacuzzi intended.  The fact that the problem is recent certainly goes hand in hand with an expired clear ray bulb.  (Although some people will argue to the death that ozone doesn't do anything.)

Most manufacturers recommend a pre-filter if you have well water.  It's supposed to remove minerals.

Bleach is sometimes used as a shock for cleaning the water after heavy use or in place of dichlor or chlorine.  There are some recipes on this web site for doing that.  We (meaning my service company) doesn't recommend using bleach as a regular sanitizing regimen.  Dichlor is made for that purpose, I don't know that it makes sense to try to save $150 a year using a product not intended for your $9000 hot tub.  But that's just my opinion.

Hot Tub Itch, as a medical condition, is an infection in the hair follicles caused by bacteria in your hot tub water. 

Many people also have skin irritation from Chlorine or Bromine and may use the description "hot tub itch," not meaning the medical condition. 

Any idea which applies to you?

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There are a lot of reasons behind the itching while you are in hot tub. Some of  the reasons and its solutions are as follows:


Germs in your hot tub

Itching due to improper chemical

Unclean soakers also cause irritation and itching


Take a shower before going to spa bath tub

Keep the level of spa chemical accurate according to the water quantity

Use spa strips and PH levels to be sure about the chemical levels of the spa tub 

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