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concrete slab on pavers

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I installed our H2O Banff spa on our sloped paver drive.  The drive slope is 1" every 4'.  Hence, over the 80" length of the spa the difference in elevation is a little over 1.5".  Not too much ... but enough difference so that I wanted to level the spa.  Hence, I installed a concrete slab.  At its shallow end it is about 3.5" - any shallower would risk cracking.  So at the deep end it is a little over 5".

I used reinforcing wire mesh in the concrete to reduce the likelyhood of cracking.  You can see that mesh leaning against the house in one of the photos I plan to attach.  The slab sits on an EPDM rubber mat - perhaps 2mm thick - so that I could more easily remove the slab in the future without damaging the pavers.  I had the concrete delivered from a small batch concrete truck (you'd be surprised how many bags of concrete such a small slab would take).

You can see the construction of the formwork in the photos.  I have used strips of 3mm teflon sheet for the rounded corners.  The concrete exposed wood formwork is covered with tuck-tape - a smooth construction tape - to help release the formwork.  The tuck-tape also sticks to the EPDM rubber to help seal the concrete into the formwork and to give the bottom of the slab rounded corners.  I match these rounded corners with caulking between the teflon corners and the rubber.

The slab, as you can see, was designed to match the shape of the spa's base.  I suppose I could stain it black to hide it ... but, I figure it doesn't look too bad as is.







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You should always take care about your basement as it's the fundamental of your house and it's gonna get broken. It's should be not that difficult when you working with standart system of establishing basement, you can always figiure out what to do if something goes wrong. As far as i know, their support works just fine. And if we talking about concrete, you should take a look at http://hardman-de.com - their technology looks intersting. I mean, maybe it's too complicated for personal use, untill you building your own nuclear plant

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