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 i bought this hot tub( spa )  Catalina ? i think  anyways  it been working great  for 2 weeks now  myabe longer , this evening went out to get in it the temp shows 107 , i normally keep it at 104 , i turned on the jets  and blower for a min or so  it didnt lower  any   but when i turned off the jets and blower i couldnt here anything , so what could make it do that ? is the stat going out ? i did lower it to 103  just to see if it would come down over night


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Is this a new hot tub or a used hot tub?  If new, call your dealer.  If used, how old is it?

How are you checking the temperature?  From the LCD display or a thermometer?  Just so you know, those thermostats aren't super precise, I would consider them to be +/- one degree Fahrenheit.

Where are you located?  If you're in a hot environment, it may be that you shouldn't set it at 104. 

Running the jets for a minute wouldn't lower the temperature from 107 to 104, if that's what you were expecting.  The blower sucks air into the tub from behind the skirt, so that air is heated, although not as much as the water.  It would take a while to make a noticeable change in the water temperature.

What do you mean you didn't hear anything when you turned off the jets & blower?  If you turn them off, you shouldn't hear anything, so I'm thinking that's a typo?  Or am I misunderstanding you?


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