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Replacing a 95 Coleman Horizon, advice?


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I have a sorry leaking Coleman Horizon 400 from the mid nineties. I have patched a couple minor and major leaks but I am done with it. I am looking at a bunch of spas right now.  I am shooting for $6000-$8000 after negotiations. I am not interested in sound or lights. I am not really concerned with having a bunch of jets. It will be in the snow outdoor so insulation is very important to me. After working so long on a full foam I kind of have PTSD about it but I also want efficiency. I don't want a lounge. On my short list right now is...

Cal Spa EC-735B in the mid $6k 

North Winds (Coast Spa sub brand) Freedom XL in the mid $7k

Jacuzzi J-LX in the Low $9k 

Arctic Spas Midsun with Mylovac in the mid $8k

Anyway, I'd love some advice on these if you've got any.  The top 3 are all floor models. 


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Beware of floor models.  Some dealers will cannibalize them for parts, the removal and replacement often being done by inexperienced sales people.  Other dealers will use returns as floor models.  I'm not saying your dealer would do either of those acts, but it has happened.


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Floor model spas are just like going into any showroom whether it be spas, cars,furniture,etc. they are their to display a product and are by no means cannibalized.Arctic also has a second line of spas that you also should take a look at Coyote Spas that you would be happy with in the price range you are looking at and are built in our US factory.

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